Attention! Due to COVID 19, Camps and classes at MZS are suspended until further notice. Although we miss our students greatly, we can not meet safely. Please email and she will keep you posted when we can have our fabulous classes. Thank you- be safe- Merrideth


Joan (Current Tap Student)

Merredith has been my tap teacher for approximately a year now, I think… time flies when you are having fun lol….
and she does make it fun to learn… she is very patient with us beginners and takes the time to make sure we
understand what we are supposed to be doing with our feet… she tries not to leave any of the slower dancers
behind yet provides challenging material for those of us who catch on a little faster… she brings in a variety of
music and is always coming up with new combinations to keep things interesting…. she teaches with a great sense
of humor and emphasizes that we are there for our enjoyment, since none of us at this point in our lives is
considering a professional dance career…. no point sweating our mistakes!! I am sorry I will be moving out of
town this year and losing my connection with this very good teacher.