Attention! Due to COVID 19, Camps and classes at MZS are suspended until further notice. Although we miss our students greatly, we can not meet safely. Please email and she will keep you posted when we can have our fabulous classes. Thank you- be safe- Merrideth


Diann Kayah (Tap Student)

I hadn’t tap danced since “two score and seven years ago.” Life and adulthood and taking myself too seriously always seemed more important than making music with my feet. When I finally mustered enough courage to try tap dancing again, I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect teacher than Merrideth Ziesse to catch me when I jumped off this proverbial cliff.First of all, the woman loves to dance and is spectacular to watch. Being witness to her talent is exciting in and of itself. But rather than being intimidated or frustrated that my dance moves  will never look like her dance moves, Merrideth creates an environment that we’re all in this together as tappers – and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly. I have great respect for her work ethic. From the moment class  begins, she is working side by side with us whether to review fundamentals, getting us started across the floor in rhythm or challenging us with a new step. She is encouraging without being patronizing (or is that matronizing?) and always, always takes the time to dissect a complex move into simpler, do-able segments until our feet “get it.” I LOVE tap dancing again – probably more than I did way back when – and I have Merrideth Ziesse to thank for this gift. I am excited and inspired to rediscover my own percussive rhythm and Merrideth has led the way.