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Ocean Conservancy – Ticket Sales from The Little Mermaid Spring 2013

The earth is a planet that is made up mostly of water, yet it is so easy to take the ocean and its resources for granted. Growing up in NY, I spent most of my life around the water and I cannot imagine life without it. For many of us here in Atlanta, our yearly beach vacation is our most cherished time of the year. Since we are working on Little Mermaid, it seemed most logical to investigate giving to an organization that would benefit the ocean, its inhabitants, the people who earn their livelihood from it and those who help keep our beaches safe and clean for the world to enjoy. For this show we are giving to The Ocean Conservancy, an organization that uses science to do all these things. They have been around for forty years and have a high rating from “charity watchdogs”. They were one of several charities that were supported by Disney, so I figured that it was a safe place to send our money. MZStageworks strives to help those who help make this world a better place for all of its inhabitants and for future generations. If you would like to read all about the many things the Ocean Conservancy does, please visit their website So when a group of kids 20 years from now is singing “Under the Sea”, this group of kids helped make the sea something to sing about.