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Invisible Children – Ticket Sales from Thoroughly Modern Millie Spring 2012

It is my desire that the hard work and love that the children put into this show live on after the production.  So for each show that we do, a portion of the proceeds derived from ticket sales will be donated to a worthy cause. For this show I have chosen to support Invisible Children.

This cause was brought to my attention while watching Oprah one afternoon. I rarely watch TV during the day and I wanted something fun and amusing to be on Oprah that day. When I flipped on the TV and the subject was about kids running for their lives in order to avoid being kidnapped and forced into being soldiers, I was very tempted to change the channel, but something urged me to keep watching. Instead of focusing on the tragedy taking place in Uganda, the focus was on how each person can make a difference in this world. This is something that I stress to our kids at MZStageworks continually.

Three young Americans started an organization that has changed the lives of so many people- not only those suffering in Uganda, but here in the US because they inspired the youth of America into action- that what they do counts in this world. That is what I love most about America; our generosity and our willingness to roll up our sleeves and help. Thanks to this organization many kids do not have to run for their lives through the night and live in fear, and the people of Uganda are getting the funds and teachers to rebuild and educate themselves. This organization is providing the resources to “teach a man to fish”. I am all for that.

So even though the play “Millie” uses slavery in a comical way, any kind of slavery is not funny and hopefully you will be inspired to check out the Invisible Children website and make your own difference. I am glad that in our small way MZStageworks is paving the way for a more peaceful planet.