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Charity for Lion King Jr.

Every semester, we at MZStageworks pay it forward by donating a portion of our ticket sales to a non-profit organization. This semester we are donating to a grass roots cooperative called Pet Rescue Santa Teresa.

My cousin, Greg, lives and works in Costa Rica which sees many people vacationing and building beach homes. Hundreds of dogs and cats are taken in as pets, only to be abandoned once vacation is over. Animals roam in search of food, water, and medical care. They are not spayed and neutered, so overpopulation is a problem. They stray into traffic, get into fights, and suffer at the hands of humans.

My cousin helps to get these animals the medical care they need. He and a group of local people work to find permanent homes for these orphans and take them to the vet, the closest of which is several hours away. They have started a public page on Facebook to help cover the costs of vet care, food, fostering, and spaying and neutering these poor animals.

I thought it only appropriate to help this group since our show focuses on the livelihood of animals. Pet Rescue Santa Teresa doesn’t have big corporate sponsorships that many charities do so every dollar helps. I also thought that it is nice to reach beyond our great country to help those who have the very least. At MZ we like to use our art for good and this will truly help restore balance back to the Circle of Life in that area.