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The Atlanta Humane Society – Ticket Sales from Rejected Fall 2007

The kids of MZStageworks have a lot to be proud of. Not only will we have our ticket sales donation to the Atlanta Humane Society, but they have all gotten together to collect items needed for the shelter in order to help those animals who are “rejected”. Through art they are learning that their voice counts and that they can do great things that not only benefit themselves but others as well. I included this letter because it was a proud moment for me in my life- not my young life, but my life. I hope that each child involved in this production has that kind of pride today. In 1981 I received this letter:


Dear Merrideth:


It is always a pleasure to hear from young Americans who care so deeply about the many problems facing America today. I was very moved by your sincere expression of love for animals and concern for the cruel ways in which they are so often treated. Your letter shows a sensitive understanding of the important role animals, both domestic and wild, play in our lives. I want you to know that I share this concern and commend your courage in speaking out on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. I hope that you will always be counted on to stand up for those weaker than you are. This is a virtue in which you should be very proud.



Ronald Reagan